The You In Me

I ruminate about you constantly 

You invade my thoughts 

My mind races

I wonder where this is going

You have arrested my heart

I am tied to you

You are in my heart so deep 

I can’t feel anything but your heart beat

Against mine

They have intertwined into one beat

Yours with mine

Every breath, every touch, every kiss

Have been absorbed into me

You surround my soul

Your rhythm is mixed with mine

I hear your voice with the sunrise

I see your face in the moonlight 

With every awaking moment

My soul yearns for you, with you

I dare dream that this is my truth. 



Everywhere I look there’s emptiness, confusion 

Everywhere I turn, it’s dark, lonely

I see sadness in their eyes,

Not hope, just despair,

I hear words, garbled together like clashing pans,

I keep walking, the road getting shorter,

But the nights, the nights

They get longer, 

They are dark, empty, cold

So lost, it’s like falling into the ocean

Knowing how to swim, but not having the strength to move.

Where are the streets paved with gold,

Those that would light up my path,

My future, the brightness that would help me see tomorrow.

Where are my stars that would shine so bright,

I could see into the heavens,

To save me from the dilemma of my existence.

Lost, in a world where people don’t see,

They look past you, but don’t see what’s in front of them.

They cannot see the diminishing light behind those beautiful eyes,



Today I opened my eyes,

I opened my eyes to the possibilities of tomorrow,

To the future of the days to come.

Today I saw what may be.

Today I dreamed of what could be in store for me

If I just allowed myself to dream, to live, to grow.

Today I dared to be the person that I longed to be.

The person I was destined to be.

The person I was born to be.

Today I awakened to an endless stream of resources allotted to me,

By those who have gone before me who have paved the way for me.

Today I was born again.

Today I was given the opportunity to start fresh.

Today I live.  Today I am.

Today I know who I am.

Today I know who I was meant to be.

For today I was given a second chance to live.

Today I opened my eyes again, I was resuscitated, revived, restored with life.

Today I breathed again.



Written August 2014

It’s You

I want to love you, give you my all

I want to share with you my world

If ever there was a man that made me light up

It was you

The brightness of your smile

The warmness of your touch

With you I have found peace

I see in you a soulmate

Someone that I could love for eternity 

In you I want to put my trust

The rainbow sets with your smile

Your centered calmness gives me reassurance 

Your strength in moments of confusion 

Give me comfort

Your faith in times of uncertainty 

Gives me the will to continue on

But it’s your love I desire

Your love, that would give me

The courage to fight.


Crushed It’s how you left me

In a state of shock 

I thought we were in sync 

Inseparable, my heart

Your heart, intertwined

Beating as one

Nothing could pull me from your side

I was your ride or die

Your irreplaceable lover

That chic by your side

Your everlasting love 

Your best friend 

I was the beat to your drum

The string to your guitar

That sparkle in the corner of your eye

We walked together in unison

Long talks of our future

Cuddling every night 

You held me so tightly 

I knew I was always alright 

You said you wanted me 

You said wait and we would be

Just fine

Let’s take it one day at a time

And then you crushed me

You told me it was over

A love like ours couldn’t last

You said you needed space

To think, maybe it would pass

As time slipped through the hourglass 

Rationalizing the meaning of the words you spoke

Unable to grasp, is this a joke

You pushed me away

Each passing day

My heart, crushed, 

As you faded away.

Blinded By My Love

As the time passed by I realized more

It wasn’t how you felt 

It wasn’t how you cared so deeply for me

It wasn’t how tightly you held me in your arms

It wasn’t that that masculine smell after you showered

It wasn’t the way you looked at me longing for just one kiss

It wasn’t those passionate embraces in the night that we shared 

It wasn’t the deep the conversations we had over dinner

It wasn’t the walks on the beach

That made me love you

I was blinded by the love I had for you

Blinded by the feelings felt deep to my core

Because all of what I had thought was only but a dream

You never knew me

You never knew my name

You never saw me

I never existed for you

I was just a shadow to you

A vessel that passed by you in the day

Walking the city streets

At the cafe, I sat next to you

I brushed against your arm

You barely noticed me 

If only I wasn’t blinded by my love 

I could speak.

My Soul Smiles With You Near

When I’m with you

There’s a connection that only you and I can share

Our kisses are like a dream state

Sailing across the ocean in a magic ship

Predestined for everlasting ecstasy

Every time I’m near you, I melt

When I’m away I’m thinking of your touch,

Your smile, your laugh,

How you stimulate my being

You have touched me in ways I have only dreamed

You make my heart complete

You make my soul smile

You are my happiness

To think of not being with you hurts to my core

This thing consuming my body is not what saddens me

It’s the thought of never seeing your smile

Never feeling your touch

Never hearing your laughter

Never having another thought provoking conversation with you

To think of being in a place without you

Leaves my soul empty.